Arksey Lumber uses a 3D software design to create designs for kitchens, bathrooms, decks, garages and sheds. This allows us to accurately provide a quote for materials and a detailed estimate, plus, you'll get an idea of what your project looks like.

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3D Kitchen & Bath Design

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, where family and friends gather and memories are made, while your bathroom is the most frequented room in the home.  Arksey Lumber can help focus your vision and let you visualize your final design, and make final decisions on layout, features and finishes. This makes it easy to share your ideas with your builder or contractor.

3D Kitchen & Bath Designs

3D Deck Design

3D Deck Design

Arksey Lumber customers can visualize their revamped outdoor living space with our 3D Deck Design estimating software. You can choose the size, shape and colour of the deck as well as add levels, stairs and railings, pools and hot tubs. We can create a 3D deck design so not only do you see a complete 3D rendering of your envisioned deck, but you can have a complete and accurate estimate of all the materials required to build it.

Shed and Garage Design

If you are building or renovating a garage or shed, Arksey Lumber can work with you to decide how it will look. Will it have added windows, and how many doors? Do you know the colours and materials you'd like to use? With our Shed and Garage Design Service you can visualize your new build, plus we provide an accurate estimate of the materials required to build it.

3D Shed and Garage Design